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    We Care for your health

    Chosen Services understands that after a certain age it is health that becomes the biggest concerns of the aged. Our staff is committed to taking utmost care for your health and well being.

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    We Want You To Smile

    The management and the people of Chosen Services work with a mission to make your every day blissful and every night comfortable. If there is one thing we cherish, it is your smile.

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    We Listen

    "The Old need to be Needed, they need to be heard." People at chosen Services are have developed a loving attitude of patience to listen t the old. Listening cultivates an environment of healing. We will listen..... attentively.

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   About Us

At Chosen Services We Aims to develop and provide

“A person centred services which aim to promote efficient & reliable services with the interests of Our Customers, children, young adults and elderly and Adults with learning difficulties as part of an Integrated Community’’

From our community-based network of over 12 Years proven experiences we are able to combine the strength of a national organization with the local availability of fully trained Care Workers, Supported Living, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers to local authorities, primary care trusts, private individuals, industry, residential care homes.


The Organisation aims to provide services, which support people living in the community enabling optimum independence through the provision of


The basic foundations of our service are built upon the promotion of the essential values of daily living. The Organisation aims to incorporate the essential elements – of choice, competence, individuality, continuity, status and respect. Services will be available to a wide range of people including the elderly, physically disabled, mentally ill, and terminally ill. People with learning disability and those with sensory disability.

The Organisation aims to provide services, which support people living in the community enabling optimum independence through the provision of

Choice in all aspects of their live
Enabling Customer to maximize their potential individual competence
Allowing customers to express their own individuality while acknowledging their views and wishes through direct contact or through advocacy.
Providing continuity of care to promote security and maximize quality of care
Providing reliability of services to reduce anxiety and promote confidence.
Respecting Customers rights and afford them a place as a valued person: within their own home and to act in such a way that no Customer or Care Worker is discriminated against.


The Organization’s principal objective is the provision of a person centered services competent and professional support service to enable people of all ages to remain and be cared for in their own home.
The provision of a culturally appropriate homecare service that meets individual language, gender and cultural needs
All Care Workers should share our belief that the physical and emotional welfare of our Customers is of great importance
Our Customers and our Care Workers are encouraged to exercise personal choice and should have an input into any decisions made in respect of care provided for them.
The dignity and value of every Customer, and the right to confidentiality, must be respected and safeguarded by employees of the organisation.
As the service requires the Customers to accept the Care Workers into their home, it is the objective of the Organisation to ensure, as far as we are able, that the Customer and their Care Workers are compatibly matched.
The safety of customers and Care Worker must be safeguarded at all times. It is therefore essential that all Organisation employees are provided with the necessary training and support, to meet our obligations within this objective


The Organization’s philosophy is based on INTERITY,QUALITY and PERSONALISED CARE,


The Organization Aimed at meeting high valued standards. We are alert to the changing needs and demands of customers and are prepared to address new situations positively to benefit the customer and their Care Worker.


Investing in training, supervision, appraisal and quality audit process ensures the effectiveness and competency of our performance. Induction programmers for all care workers maintain a base level of competency and furnishes them with the awareness of practice standards, Organization policy, Organization philosophy and legislative requirements including Health and Safety at Work, COSHH ( control of substances hazards to health) etc Reporting, record keeping and quality audits are regarded as an important tool by which we monitor quality standards.

Personalized Care

Primary values are based on our policy of supporting people who may be disadvantaged by encouraging independence and participation, enabling choice and decision making, respecting confidentiality, Maintaining dignity and self respect according to customer specification. Responsibility to the customer is of great importance.

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