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    We Care for your health

    Chosen Services understands that after a certain age it is health that becomes the biggest concerns of the aged. Our staff is committed to taking utmost care for your health and well being.

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    We Want You To Smile

    The management and the people of Chosen Services work with a mission to make your every day blissful and every night comfortable. If there is one thing we cherish, it is your smile.

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    We Listen

    "The Old need to be Needed, they need to be heard." People at chosen Services are have developed a loving attitude of patience to listen t the old. Listening cultivates an environment of healing. We will listen..... attentively.

Why Us?
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Green Initiative
We care
for the environment...
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   Green Initiative

We as socially responsible are making strides to conserve energy and better our environment. By using computer technology and resources wisely and in a sustainable manner we are becoming more energy efficient. The following are some of the ways we thrive to become "GREEN".

Use Efficient Systems: Power-efficient Systems are currently being used to efficiently power. By utilizing the standby mode on the servers and other systems, power demand is lowered significantly.
Buy Energy Star Compliant Systems:

Energy Star-certified equipment is being purchased to replace inefficient equipment such as energy efficient LCD flat-screen monitors.
Use Sleep Mode:

Monitors, Printers, Systems and Servers are all enabled to use sleep mode to conserve energy as well. Machines are set up to automatically revert to sleep mode after not being used for a significant amount of time.
Enable Remote Access:
we utilize remote access tools if necessary, making it possible to work from home and to lower carbon dioxide emissions for commuters.
Power Management Settings:
User power management settings are being implemented by management and staff to encourage energy efficiency at work and at home.
We believe in reusing and recycling materials when possible. This includes everything from printer cartridges, paper, plastic, glass to water bottles. Recycling containers are conveniently located our office to make recycling easy and accessible.
Dispose Responsibly:
Old equipment unable to be recycled is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. We are dedicated to preserving our environment. By adapting to new energy efficient technology and continually educating ourselves on the issues, we are constantly evolving and becoming more environmentally friendly every day.

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